2015 October

I need to think smaller…

…because of all the big things going on, I often forget all the fun little things we can do.
It’s tough to remember to talk about the fun things we already have the capability of doing when we’re always planning the next big thing.
So here’s a little something we can do I haven’t really told anyone about. (more…)

Community Funding a Crowdfunded Creative Commodity – The Glowforge

He said he wanted to launch 1,000 Kickstarter campaigns.
I believe we’ll help him get there. In our own way.

A little over a week ago I happened upon a video posted by a fellow artist friend, Karin Bolstad from BlueSchool Arts (she’s an awesome artist and client of Fine Balance Imaging, and I was also a founding member of BSA for a year but quit due to time constraints). This video kind of blew my mind. It was for a new iteration of an old technology: laser cutting. It wasn’t that laser cutters really were anything new…it was that up until this point, they were just downright unintuitive.

Glowforge seemed different. So much so, that as soon as I saw the promo video for a privately run crowdfunding campaign, I was hooked.

Not only was I hooked, but I was somehow convinced that I could miraculously come up with $4,000 to purchase one for our businesses. (more…)