2015 November

Now We Can Talk About It, Part Three

See Part One and Part Two for a little background…

So…we made it. It was a pretty crazy journey to get here. But we made it to the JVH Digital Festival printing conference and seminars, with a great presentation to give (more on that later, too) and some beautiful 30×40 Chromaluxe metal prints of Art Wolfe’s inspiring work.


I feel honored to have had the opportunity to create these, even if they were primarily as a promotional piece for Art, John, and us.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Not much more to be said, really. John loved them. Art loved them. We’re proud of them.


Now We Get to Talk About It…Part Two


Ok, I have to admit, I was a little star-struck. (see Part One here…)

To John, Art was another customer of his. To us, he’d been a source of inspiration for decades.

After getting over myself, it finally sunk in.

Two weeks before the conference, and I had to perfect our dye sublimation printing process for making metal prints. And damn quick. Up until only a few days prior to this big request, we were still on edge a little, having had some troubles with large metal prints – those over 16×20 or so.

Of course, John wanted us to press Art Wolfe‘s images at the largest our press could go, which is 30×40.


Now We Get to Talk About It…Part One

Dreams do come true…

We got an opportunity that we honestly couldn’t believe.

A few months ago, John Harrington from JVH Technical, our favorite local distributor for printers, paper and inks for our business, called us up with a request.

We’d recently purchased quite a load of new tech from John – an Epson dye sublimation printer, and two GeoKnight heat presses, including the monster 32×42″ capacity MaxiPress Air, which weighed so much we couldn’t get it into the elevator to our studio, so we had to put it in Nancy’s shop at home (not to mention the 220V electrical it needed to be hard-wired to, which was a no-no at Bayview Corner where the studio resides).

It was all in effort to bring Metal Prints to the masses…or at least to our region, since there were very few studios around capable of doing so. And we had clients to please! Photographers had been asking for a while if we could do it, and we always had to send the work out of state to get it done. Not good for business!

We took a leap of faith and got the gear.


Metal on My Mind

Talk about living on the edge…

Our attention has been hyper-focused on the edges of big metal prints. The small panels were pressing just fine, but the bigger plates had some issues, until only recently…

We got the capability of dye sublimation printing a few months back, and have been having a blast playing with all of the myriad possibilities provided by such amazing technology.

Well, amazing physics, really. (more…)