2016 January

Limits of Visualizing Wealth Inequality

I know, it’s a strange topic: why would a printing and design company care about visualizing wealth inequality?
Kind of a long story, but the short version: we’re all affected by it, even if we don’t think about it day to day…and yet, in conversation with our friend and client Tom Trimbath, we discovered that actually trying to get our heads around the intangible scale of the numbers that factually describe wealth inequality, there’s no easy way to visualize it with the actual numbers.

When dealing with a disparity where the numbers are literally 62 versus 3.5 Billion…there’s no way to show it. (more…)

Gratitude: A Decade of Practice

Thank you. All of you who have ever been with us on our journey. We’re grateful – whether we’ve printed a piece of art for you, designed something for your business, or just had a long engaging chat about possibilities that you took and made happen all on your own. Thank you.

Fine Balance Imaging old studio space at Bayview, 2006

Our old digs, when we first moved to Bayview in 2006

Early on in our printing business, we were coming into awareness of how important it was to be in more of a relationship with our myriad clients than a standard “print-for-pay” kind of copy shop might be.

From the very beginning, it was apparent to us that it was paramount to be truly thankful for every artist, photographer, designer or small business owner we had the great opportunity to work with. (more…)