2016 September

On the Move…

Our Move is to the “Old Lind’s Space” in Langley

So…we’re moving the whole operation to what locals refer to as “the old Lind’s Jewelry space” in Langley. Yeah – that space next door to Whidbey Island Bank, downstairs…on 1st street.

The inside as it was left...needs a lot of work!

The inside as it was left…needs a lot of work!

You can imagine we’re pretty excited. (more…)

Announcing Our Merger


I’ll cut to the chase here, since it’s already been seeded by my other creative partner (my wife, Rhiannon) over on her blog post for Feather & Fox’s big move when she teased the idea of a merger.

Yes, a Merger!

Fine Balance Imaging and Whidbey Island Printing are merging to become one: Fine Balance Imaging & Printing.

And we’re taking Feather & Fox with us. And we’re moving back to Langley. It’s where Fine Balance began as a collaboration with local artists a little over ten years ago. (more…)