2017 February

Making a Book (Also – We are OPEN!)

Oh my. It has been a fast paced existence for us in the last month and a half since we re-opened the studio with quadruple the services we had prior to the Big Move and consolidation of all copy center and business printing services from our purchase of Whidbey Island Printing & Office Supply.

We are…adapting. And quickly. It’s all good. The pace of “copy center” life versus “fine art printing” life is quite different, but not bad. And to boot, we’re of course still doing all of the fine art reproductions, photographic printing, and graphic design work that we’ve always done. We’re just now also cranking out hundreds or thousands of other printed sheets of paper every day on top of that.

Which brings me to our newest capability, with which I’ve just now had the adventure of prototyping and producing a final product: bookmaking. Not the comb binding “8th grade book report” look. Not the wire binding “sales presentation look”. No, we’re talking about actual soft-cover perfect-bound books. (more…)