I need to think smaller…

October 29, 2015 Written by Joe Menth

…because of all the big things going on, I often forget all the fun little things we can do.
It’s tough to remember to talk about the fun things we already have the capability of doing when we’re always planning the next big thing.
So here’s a little something we can do I haven’t really told anyone about.

Since we got our dye sublimation printer a few months back, we have been experimenting with all manner of things beyond what we originally bought it for – which was to make metal prints.

We got excited about doing full color all over printed apparel for a while – and are hard at work designing a product line to sell in Feather & Fox this fall using that capability.IMG_9830

But one of the smaller things we can do is something that might just be a really cool gift for the holidays – for a giveaway, or for yourself!

We can make custom ornaments!

They’re really fun. They come in all different shapes, from circles and hexagons to stars and other fun styles.

We can make them on double-sided metal, which are nice and lightweight. And they even are available in a few styles made out of real porcelain or frosted glass (which is translucent and a whole different look that’s pretty neat)!IMG_9832

There’s no minimum order, so we can make them on demand of your kids or grandkids or pets or favorite photos – or any design you can imagine!

Just one more thing we can do that I never think to tell anyone about – because I’m almost always thinking big and new.

Beyond ornaments, we can also make bracelets, puzzles and ceramic tiles! Who knew?!

Sometimes I need to think smaller!