New Developments

April 24, 2017 Written by Joe Menth

Busy-ness is a sign of good business, right?

Well, we’ve been getting busy working on all kinds of new developments.

As with most growth, it takes a leap of faith to make any progress. And as with most things in life, everything tends to happen at once when you decide to make big changes.

Emergent beauty in the Universe

The Universe strives for ever greater complexity, which is not without its challenges. But what emerges is always something of beauty.

Since we’re in the mode of transitions and transforming our lives for the better with all of our latest efforts, it’s only fitting we do this now. It’s been gestating for a couple months so it seemed time to begin the big reveal.

So we’re pleased to announce that with our most recent merger the emergence of a whole new kind: the most efficient and highly detailed 3D printing ever invented!

You may have heard of this technology before, but it’s nothing like what we’ve co-created here. Feather (Joe) and Fox (Rhiannon) worked together with the intention of bringing something new into the world – something truly unique that only could come from their combined efforts (if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, click here to jump to the end).

The awesome thing about this 3D printing technology that makes it so special it that it uses completely organic carbon-based filaments – the individual particles are even made of star stuff!

Using precision lines of code, the complex programming takes resources generated completely naturally within the printer itself.

It’s a highly efficient kind of code, which when paired with the latest in storage innovations allows up to 215 petabytes (215 million gigabytes) of data per gram of storage particles to be utilized for print processing without any lossy compression artifacts! In fact, the script only uses four distinct characters in unique combinations to manifest the entire print! Talk about efficient!

Efficient code using only 4 base characters

Pairing the latest in intelligence technology with 3D printing is what makes our invention so amazing.

The output is a miraculously self-replicating form generated by original code, with its own integrated intelligence! The only caveat is that after the self-replicating phase begins, it’s no longer up to the user to guide the process of printing – it is essentially up to the universe to reveal whatever emerges.

The code manifested in matter

You might say it has a mind of its own, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves (there is still a lot of public apprehension around artificial intelligence, we have to be careful with our language here)…

A common trait of all good technology is the inevitable nature of delays. While the basic elements are in place, we have to wait a while before revealing the final output to the general public. And as much as we’d love to launch sooner, our approximate release date will be in the fall, around November 20, 2017.

We had hoped to bring this to the fore much earlier, but as with all labors of love, it will be worth the wait, we promise!

The final version will combine many recognizable characteristics of its inventors while being an entirely unique and individual output.

What really blew our minds when we discovered this incredible method was that the base technology is actually over 3.8 billion years old! Relatively recent upgrades to the process (primarily software patches and updates using the same generic hardware) date back to about 2 million years ago.

Wait a second, you say…2 Million years?

This must be a joke, right?

Well. Kind of.

While developments in organic 3D printing ARE  actually really cool – and real! – it’s not something that Fine Balance Imaging will be offering as a service.

What we ARE excited to announce is exactly what we said above: a new development.

If you hadn’t guessed already…Rhiannon and Joe are bringing a new emergent phenomenon into their lives – one that indeed has been a process the Universe has been working on for a very long time.

We’re having a baby!

We’ll keep you posted on more to come as things, uh, develop. 😉
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