Now We Can Talk About It, Part Three

November 8, 2015 Written by Joe Menth

See Part One and Part Two for a little background…

So…we made it. It was a pretty crazy journey to get here. But we made it to the JVH Digital Festival printing conference and seminars, with a great presentation to give (more on that later, too) and some beautiful 30×40 Chromaluxe metal prints of Art Wolfe’s inspiring work.


I feel honored to have had the opportunity to create these, even if they were primarily as a promotional piece for Art, John, and us.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Not much more to be said, really. John loved them. Art loved them. We’re proud of them.

Great to finally meet the guy, too, I must say. Nice fellow. He gave an awesome presentation, documenting his 40+ years of photographing the world. Art shared a slideshow with images from his new book, Earth is My Witness. It’s a great book. We got two – one signed for Nancy, one signed for me.

It was funny hearing about how his publisher came to him to suggest he create a book that was a retrospective of over forty years of photography, only to have Wolfe say that after reviewing his own work, he wasn’t happy with showing 40 years of photos that he knew he could make better now that technology had caught up to his vision. So what did he do? He spent two years traveling the world again to re-photograph his favorite places, to make a reshot retrospective of what he wished he could have done over the course of 40 years.

So there you have it. Dreams do come true. We got to listen to, meet, and even make big metal prints for one of our photographic inspirations, Art Wolfe. It was pretty awesome. Kind of a big deal. At least to us!

There’s more to share about the conference, but I’ll put that into another post dedicated to it and my presentation there.

Thanks for sharing this little journey with us. 🙂