Tulip Painting in Watercolor

Art Printing

Iceberg Diptych Photo Prints - Turn your photos into diptychs for big presence in a room!

Photo Printing

Metal Prints

Phyllis Ray's "Double Tall" printed on Breathing Color Crystalline Satin Canvas as a Gallery Wrap

Canvas Printing

Whether you need a fine art “giclee” reproduction of your original artwork, or just need to enlarge your digital photos, high quality printing is what we do best! The process of making a fine art print requires critical attention to fine details, subtle tonal and color adjustments, and knowledge and use of a  calibrated color managed workflow.  While big prints can be made anywhere with a big printer, what sets apart a fine art printer is the process and care that goes into making the print.  The quality of a fine art print – or even a large “poster” from a fine art printer – will greatly exceed anything you can find at the local copy shop. Fine Balance Imaging Studios is proud to provide the latest dye sublimation printing technologies in addition to the finest of giclee printing. Metal Prints, Wood Panel Prints, and even full-color Apparel Printing are all part of our services. We can even put your images on incredible high-quality gift and home decor items such as ceramic tiles or holiday ornaments! The possibilities are almost limitless! Our offering of Fine Art Printing choices and Standard Sizes and Prices are listed in the linked PDF downloads for your reference. To get a quick estimate of your costs, just plug in your height and width in feet along with the cost of the media you’re printing on, and you’ll get your total square footage and total cost! Fine Art Papers and Fine Photo Papers are $20/sq.ft. Low Cost Matte and Photo Papers are $12/sq.ft. Canvas is $22/sq.ft. (not including gallery wrap or stretching) Banners and Wall Cling Media range from $10 to $12/sq.ft – price sheet for Banners and Displays PDF is here.


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