All-Over Shirt Printing

Full Coverage All Over Full Color Shirt Printing!t-shirt dress mockup no body

Wow – this is really cool technology for sure! We can take any image and print it in full color – even photographs! – onto shirts and many other kinds of apparel, without being limited to a small rectangle like many apparel printing techniques.

Prices starting at $28 for a full-color single-sided t-shirt! Second side printing only $10 additional.

Shirt dresses from $42, custom infinity scarves from $25, and more!

Check out the image gallery below to see the steps involved in making an all-over shirt print.

HypnoSisters Logo Shirt VARIATION Mockup R2a - ladies-racerback-tankUsing our amazing Epson Dye Sublimation printer, we print your image onto paper and then transfer it permanently into the fibers of a shirt, skirt, scarf (and much more!) with a giant heat press. After transferring the image, the garment is machine washable and the image is permanent.Golden Gate shirt mockup - gma_tmp_ladies-crew-ghosted-sm-front02