Canvas Gallery Wraps

Herb Kane canvas gallery wrap prints from original oil paintings

Herb Kane canvas gallery wrap prints from original oil paintings

One of the most popular choices for fine art printing is the canvas gallery wrap.  Canvas prints finished in a “frameless” presentation offer a clean and modern look, and work great for clusters of prints or very large images – especially panoramic photos – that would be too cost-prohibitive to frame.

We have tested many brands and types of canvases over the years, and after gathering feedback from our clients – artists and photographers alike – we have chosen the Breathing Color brand of canvas, in particular the Crystalline Satin finish.  Many photographers don’t want a glossy canvas, and the majority of painters want something close to a matte finish, but not as dull looking.

For years we hand-coated every matte canvas print with a satin protective coating, which required setting up a spray booth and applying three coats to each print, with ample drying time in between.  Given the additional time and labor involved, it didn’t make cost or time sense for us.

The upshot of our move to Breathing Color Crystalline Satin Canvas is that we can offer it for a lower price than our previous canvas choices, because we no longer have the added time in hand-coating.  The Satin coating on this canvas is the best we’ve found in the industry. After testing out many  “satin” finishes, all of which looked much  like the Glossy finishes from the same manufacturers, the Crystalline Satin Canvas stands out with a true Satin appearance – enough to have a subtle sheen, but not so distracting as to have a large amount of glare.

Breathing Color Crystalline Satin Canvas specs:

440gsm, 21mil

65/35% Poly-Cotton Blend

Bright white with no OBAs

Rich black and vibrant color

No varnish necessary!

We’re confident you’ll love the look of a canvas gallery wrap on Satin canvas.  For local pickup, we offer fully stretched canvas gallery wraps, ready to hang on the wall.  We source the stretcher bars from local framers, and can typically turn around a ready-to-hand gallery wrapped canvas print of your painting or photograph within a week.

Herb Kane canvas gallery wrap prints at Fine Balance Imaging Studios

Herb Kane canvas gallery wrap prints in the studio

To save on shipping costs, we offer un-stretched prints rolled in shipping tubes, but will happily include the additional printed border to wrap around your stretcher bars you purchase from a local framer or make yourself.

Please note that a gallery wrap canvas is 4″ larger on each dimension than the “face” of your print, as the sides of the stretcher bars are usually 1.5″ deep and require about 2″ on each side to fully cover the sides and wrap around to the back.  Since you pay for inked area of prints, a canvas print that is ready for a gallery-wrap finish will be slightly larger and therefore have a higher price than a print that is just the print area without a wrap.

See below for some example sizes and pricing.  Canvas printing is $22 per square foot.  Stretcher bars and stretching are additional.
Feel free to contact us to inquire on a custom quote, or download the Canvas Prices PDF here.