Update on the Big Move

October 20, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

Time for an update!
Yes, we’re still moving…and expanding…but as anyone who’s ever had to remodel knows, everything always takes longer than you think it will. Especially when I am the one doing the time estimate, as I’ve been reminded a few times now by Rhiannon and Nancy both…
We thoroughly gutted the old Lind’s Jewelry space at 105 First Street in Langley, and have built new walls to re-partition the space for our needs.
Here’s a before and after just to bring you up to speed.



and after

And after…

It feels like we have a long way to go, but at the same time, it will go quickly once we jump back in. The major hold-up happened a few weeks ago while we waited on the landlord to make a choice as to whether he was going to build a condo upstairs in the old department store space – it delayed us about two weeks as we awaited the estimate on the required installation on a sprinkler system that would have meant tearing out the entire ceiling in our new space…and over an extra month delay. We were only able to get back in there to continue our work – and get a proper permit to do so – this week.
So, yes, delays. Bummer.

Some progress photos:

Also, did I mention that finding an electrician on this island that is both rated for commercial and isn’t booked out 6 months is extremely difficult?
We’re hoping we can get the electrical work done in the next two weeks. Then we’ll tackle our drywall, mudding, sanding, priming, painting, flooring, and building all of our shelving and half our furniture. Which, of course can all be done in, like, two weeks, right? 😉

more before...

more before…

and after...

and after…

We’ve done amazing things before and have surprised ourselves with our ability to do “all the things” in record time (like that time a couple of years ago that we decided to open a new business while running our current one and built all of our own furniture in under a month?)…
So, here’s to Being Amazing (one of Rhiannon’s favorite shirts says just that…well…it says “Be Amazing”…close enough) and to Making it Happen!
We’ll try to keep you posted as we get closer. It’s been quite the adventure so far…and will likely be a wild ride all the way to the finish…

Also a shout-out to Sharon Rose at Whidbey Island Printing, whose business and services we are consolidating into the new “Fine Balance Imaging & Printing“…she has been overly patient with our process of figuring out just how to get there!

It’s a big change for all of us, but also a great growth opportunity for everyone involved. We’re extremely excited to be adding on a whole range of services that have always been provided by what used to be Boomerang, and has been Whidbey Island Printing & Office Supplies for the last five years or so.

Stay tuned as we add on the full gamut of services that you’ve come to know and love at Boomerang/Whidbey Island Printing over the years:

  • Full-service color copies – now with over-sized booklet making (up to 9×12), saddle-stitched and folded in any quantity
  • Brochures printed in-house – folded in-line automatically for lower costs, any quantity
  • Architectural and blueprint copies – NEW Full-Color plan/blueprint scanning and Full-Color plans/blueprint copying
  • Binding – NEW Perfect Binding – make your own softcover or hardcover book, or simply increase the quality of your presentation beyond standard comb and wire binding
  • Large Format Banners, Signs, Displays, Murals – New EcoSolvent commercial printing up to 54″ wide by any length, durable outdoor banners and signs, window displays, store displays, and custom cut shapes in any full-color sign or stickers

And, of course, you’ll still find all of the fine art and photo printing services we’ve offered at Fine Balance Imaging for over a decade, including all of the new metal printing, ceramic tiles, full-color apparel and more!

Rhiannon also has big plans for the new Feather & Fox storefront, which will be the first area you experience at the front of our expanded space, including new independent artists works, greeting cards, stationery, apparel, and a line of exciting books and magazines too – alongside the office supplies that have been available at Whidbey Island Printing, and new select art supplies to inspire your creativity!
See you soon in our new digs!
-Joe and Rhiannon and Nancy (and all the other folks helping us get there)