We’re almost done…come visit!

January 12, 2017 Written by Joe Menth

Since everyone is asking, this will be a super quick update:
Yes, we’re almost done with everything in the new location.

If you hadn’t heard: Fine Balance Imaging Studios has moved. We embarked on a massive remodel of the old Lind’s Jewelry space next door to Whidbey Island Bank on First Street in Langley. We also moved Feather & Fox. Oh. And we bought Whidbey Island Printing, upgraded all of their equipment, and are offering all of their full-service copy center services now at the new location.

So…It’s been a couple months of downtime. Like a month and a half longer than we would have liked. Trust us, we wish we could have reopened back in November, but it was not to be…everything takes longer than one expects, and even moreso when a) we did all of the demolition and remodeling construction ourselves, and b) had to wait on other folks for other things before we could be done…

Now, to what you really wanted to know:

Printing services – including all of our newly added services – are operational. Everything we have consolidated from our purchase of Whidbey Island Printing & Office Supply on the service side of things is fully functional.
So, that means that all full-service copying services, including basic color and black and white copies, booklet making, folded brochures, postcards and business cards and flyers and everything else…that’s all up and running and we’re doing it every day, all day long.

Also – added – is the new plotter/architectural copier, where we can scan in full color 36″ by any length, and can do incredibly high-speed copies of architectural plans (though only in black and white).We’ve already gotten on the radar of a number of architects, and are rather impressed by the volume they are copying of their plans! Any architectural office that would like to make arrangements with us is now allowed self-service walk-up plan copying. It’s fast and efficient, and takes a load off of us if you feel like doing it yourself. Pretty awesome, actually. Oh, and you get a price break if you do self-serve too. 😉
We now offer high-speed photo scanning for archiving all of your snapshots, from 4×6 up to 8×10, with scan speeds of one per second!
And on the other side of that, we have a new quick photo printer that can produce upwards of 400 snapshots at 4×6 per hour – so all those digital photos and Instagram pics can be output at 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 (or anything in between) with SAME DAY turnaround and low prices.

All fine art printing services and our graphic design services are back online as well, so don’t hesitate to bring in your paintings and photos and business marketing needs…we’re ready for you!

The last bits are still being worked on. We have shelving to put up and many many…many…boxes to unpack. Once that’s done and we figure out inventory and get everything priced, we’ll get it all on those new shelves and our retail area for office supplies – and for Feather & Fox – will be reopened as well. We’re hoping against hope that will be done by the end of the weekend. So realistically, sometime at the end of next week.

Because everything takes longer than you think.

But we’re printing! So, yay for that!

Give us a call or drop by. The front is a bit of a mess, but the rest is looking pretty slick. And we miss you all. So come visit! We can’t wait to share it all with you!